Monday, January 30, 2012

DADGAD Tuning is a beautiful thing

I had recently heard about DADGAD tuning through various avenues and sources. Well, my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to try it out. It was simple enough to tune down to DADGAD, just drop the low E to a D, the B to an A, and the high E to a D. Now, what the heck do I play on this?

>Google searching<...ah, here we go, easy songs to play in DADGAD tuning. Hey! I didn't know Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" was played in DADGAD tuning! Wow, that song is super easy! And fun.

Currently I have that Zep song and an alternate rendition of Amazing Grace in DADGAD under my belt. Last night I had to tune my guitar back to standard EADGBE tuning to play worship. Somehow my guitar sounded sad. Seriously, that DADGAD tuning is so beautiful. I now want to become a Celtic player!

Anyway, I used to be scared of alternate tunings, but now I can say with authority that I am hooked!


Benjamin Blue said...

I know what you mean about alternate tunings. I have been playing them for years. Though I have not played with DADGAD very much. I am totally hooked on CGCFCE.

Check out this chord chart on DADGAD. you may be able to play worship using this chord chart??

Check out CGCFCE on the same site, give it a listen and then try some of the chords at the bottom of the chart... they are priceless sounding!

Guitar Man said...

Thanks Benjamin! Good stuff. I'm excited because now when I hit a plateau, I know I can get out of that funk easily by trying out alternate tunings.

What is it about CGCFCE that hooked you?

Benjamin Blue said...

I guess it was the fact that I played a lot of Nick Drake music with it. Playing in an open tuning for few months opens up some pretty cool doors for originality. You pick a few chords shapes up here and there by accident. Worth getting a second guitar just for that. I used to have a few guitar tuned different. But I only play my martin now. though I could do with another one!