Monday, July 7, 2008

Quick Update

Wow, I really haven't posted here in a long time. Well, that will change. I am still into the guitar and playing. I plan on putting more lessons up and discussions on all things guitar.

I even wonder if I've moved beyond the CAGED method since starting this blog. Yes, there are certain aspects of CAGED that help, especially if one is familiar with the Circle of Fifths, but I think Modes are probably the best way to go for the serious guitar theorist.

While I will have the occasional lesson posted here, I think this site will be better served as a site that discusses guitars, hence: TalkGuitars. In fact, I may open this up as a community with multiple posters if it ever grows to that need.

I am solely using my acoustic guitar right now, though I do pick up my electric once in a while so I don't become too rusty.

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