Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Acoustic Guitars

I've been playing the guitar for years now. My first guitar was a gift to me for my 10th birthday, it was a Harmony folk guitar. I learned some simple melodies and held onto that guitar for years, despite the fact I skipped most of my teens playing the guitar. When I was about 17 or 18 years old, I purchased an old Ibanez and then a brand new Washburn electric guitar. Along with the small gorilla amplifier, I was in business.

For the next few years I continued to play electric guitar as my primary instrument. My wife had a Takamine acoustic which I inherited, but the action was terrible on it. So we bought an acoustic guitar for myself. The Larrivee D-03. This is a beautiful instrument. Since picking up the Larrivee a few years ago, I have shifted from being a mostly electric player, to an acoustic player. I now have my heart and mind set on this certain Breedlove which I had the pleasure to test out a few months ago.

Anyway, the acoustic guitar is an important part of my life. What kind of acoustic guitars do you own and what are your dream guitars?


guitarsmokey123 said...

acoustics are the real deal. it gives you better chops. i can remember my first acoustic was an ovation applause. i loved the rich tone and the bowl left the notes ringing forever. i now have a fender single cutaway acoustic and a everyday pick up ROGUE acoustic which is dirt cheap, but for tone and sound is amazing. then going to the gibson sg is like butter. im trying to buy a gibson country western so i have to save up.

Guitar Man said...

Hi Guitarsmokey,

My only wish for my current piece is that I wish it had a cutaway. My fingers are rather large, so the stretch to the frets by the sound hole is painful. Most songs I play don't go up there, but I'm a believer that if it is available, use it.